Group Members: Muhammad Bilal Azam, Ahsan Javed
Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Faryad
Term: Fall 2017
Institution: Department of Physics, Lahore University of Management Sciences

Ellipsometry is a versatile and invasive optical technique to study the optical properties of wide range of materials. The optical properties involves complex and real coefficients of refractive index in to (n-iκ), absorption coefficient for lossy materials, dielectric constant and optical band gap. The principle of this technique is based on how s– and p-components of incident light change upon reflection, refraction or transmission from the sample material. The output polarization collected at detector helps to find ellipsometric parameters Ψ and Δ, which further helps to find optical properties of the sample material. This technique is also useful for characterization of thickness, roughness, composition, electrical conductivity etc. for isotropic materials. The study can further be expanded for anisotropic materials using Mueller-matrix formalism. In this experiment, we are studying isotropic thin films and are willing to find ellipsometric parameters Ψ and Δ, find n,k and d by using Ψ and Δ with the help of J.A. Woollam’s Alpha-SE Ellipsometer and verify complex reflection coefficient ρ by using MATLAB.

Project Report and Presentation
Complete project report can be downloaded from here (direct link) or from here (researchgate). It can originally be accessed from Physlab, here.
A mid-semester presentation can be downloaded from here.

How to use J.A. Woollam’s Alpha-SE Ellipsometer?