Group Members: Muhammad Bilal Azam, Fatima Pervaiz
Supervisor: Dr. Ata ul Haq
Term: Spring 2018
Institution: Department of Physics, Lahore University of Management Sciences

This project report elaborates condensed matter system of topological superconductors and their link to Majorana fermions. It pedagogically reviews the fundamental concepts and theory by creating a doorway from topology and superconductivity to topological superconductivity. A concise comparison of Dirac and Majorana fermions gives an insight to these two classes of fermions. Bogoliubov-de Gennes (BdG) Hamiltonian via mean-field theory is described in detail and elaborate by discussing the simplest case of spinless one-dimensional p-wave topological superconductor.

Project Report and Presentation
Complete project report can be downloaded from here (direct link).
A final project presentation can be downloaded from here.